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I wanted to write to you and let you know how happy I am with your service. I have been using Backup Addict for my critical data backup since 2O14. ln that time, I have needed to have my laptop restored by your company, due to a hard drive failure. After calling your company you came out very quickly and restored my data for me without a hitch.

David Machmer, D.C.

Hi, I have started to sell the serive and you gave me a free account for testing and showing my customers. I have not even looked at the computer in months when my hard drive crashed and I lost some critcal files. After calling you restored the files after I left for the day and the next day all of it was there, thanks so much..

Stephen Malizia

I have to tell you that your service has not only saved my business many times but the security of knowing that I have a Safety Net or a BACK-UP gives me so much security that it truly allows me to sleep at night.